Pearl Bass Drum Pedal P932

Drumming is an art that involves the perfect resonance of the pedals to deliver powerful kicks and quality music output. The Pearl bass drum pedal P932 is a drumming kit that will help perfect your art without much effort.

Pearl Bass Drum Pedal P932 [ 2021 Review ]

The Pearl double kick bass drum pedal comes with unique features. The features bring high-end performance to the starters and professionals as well.

You might underrate the lightweight material and the single-chain design of the pedals. But, the materials used are versatile to fit any performance environment. 

This drum pedal is a creation of a Pearl powerhouse company that has specialized in creating excellent yet affordable drum kits in the market. 

In this review, we will review for you all that you need to know about this drum pedal.

Pearl Bass drum pedal P932 review

The Pearl P932 double kick pedal is among the most versatile drum pedals in the market.

Customizing the pedal to your desirable power is effortless. All this is thanks to the adjustable beater angle that comes with this pedal.

What’s more!

Although it is a single –chain pedal, you need not worry about heavy beats. This pedal is sturdy and can withstand even the heaviest beats. Thanks to this features, drummers enjoy a smooth ride in their drumming sessions.

This five stars Pearl P932 also features a Click Lock Spring Tension. This feature is essential for it allows the peal to be stiff and only loosen up during a drumming session.

Thus drum is a darling to many drummers thanks to its durability and adjustability.

According to reviews, you can play this drum pedal for four years before the pedal clamp calls for repair. Again , you can also use the pedal comfortably for performances and practices.

Who is this product for?

Pearl bass p932 can fits both beginners and seasoned drummers as well. Again, the longboard demon-style power shift can accommodate any size of the foot by the drummer.

Your height might hinder you when playing the drum kit. However, you can position the drum beaters far away from the drum head, or you can adjust them closer to the drum head, depending on your preference.

What is inside the box?

  • Control core beater
  • Interchangeable cam
  • Demon style power shifter longboard
  • Single chain drive
  • Frictionless rollers
  • Adjustable beater angles 
  • Aluminum die-cast
  • Dual surface beaters

Key Features 

This versatile kit has features that merge many of the advanced drum pedals. The components create an affordable, high-end performance and quality double bass drum. Some of the features include

1. Demon Style Power Shifter Longboards

For any drummer, the power and feel of music depending on how you use the longboards. The Pearl p932 comes fitted with power shifter longboards that allow you to adjust your pedal’s power and feel to your preference. 

Besides, the shifter longboards provide enough space for any feet to ensure comfortable play by the drummer.

2. Frictionless Rollers

Smooth drumming is a dictate of the friction of the rollers. Consequently, too much friction slows the movement of the pedals. Pearl bass drum P932 has rollers that give the pedals smooth sailing and feel the beaters on the drum surface.

A Free-Floating roller directs the pedal force to the beaters, and you get a smooth hit any time. Thus, the result is the high-end performance of the drum kit.

3. Aluminum Die-Cast Wheel 

Besides having a smooth feel on the pedal, the die-cast wheel ensures powerful and consistent drumming. That delivers beautiful resonating sound and music.

4. Adjustable Beater Angles

This double bass drum pedal features a beater angle adjustment. This feature is useful in improving the drummer’s range of motion.

You can adjust the beaters of the drum pedal P932 at whatever angle of your choice. The adjustments help you have perfect strokes and feel on the drum surface.

Moreover, it also features lightweight side beaters. The side beaters are helpful when playing this drum kit for they control the impact shock.

The fret board of the Pearl P932 features eliminator style adjustments. With these, you can create both heavy and light sounds by just clicking a button.

5. Dual Surface Beaters.

The power and the quality of music resonance depend on the drum surface beaters. The Pearl bass drum P932 brings high-end performance due to the smooth feel and impressive stroke power. More so, they offer a perfect style of music on the drum surface.

6. Click -Lock Springs

For better performance, the Pearl Bass Drum P932 has click-lock springs. The springs offer different options to customize your drum pedal to fit your personal preference during play.

Additionally, they ensure that the pedal remains stiff, and avoids loosening up during a drumming session.

Downsides of the Pearl Bass Drum P932

The Pearl Bass Drum P932 has many notable benefits and features that you might not find on the opposing side. But, you will discover that the click tension springs location is inaccessible to your fingers on a closer look.

You have to navigate your fingers and get inside the support frame for you to make any adjustments.

Again, it might not fit a heavy player if the Pearl drum bass P932 is a single chain. But it is a matter of consideration and preference by the player.

Alternatives to Pearl Bass Drum P932

Pearl bass drum P932 is an entirely satisfying drum kit for both beginners and professional players. However, the following offers almost the same experience as the Pearl Bass Drum P932.

Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

The Pearl P3002D Bass Drum pedal is an incredible pedal that offers robust and vigorous responsive movements of the drum beaters. Furthermore, the pedal provides different adjustable angles to ease your play positions.

Pearl P2052C Eliminator Double Bass Drum Pedal-Chain Drive

Another alternative is the Pearl P2056C Double Bass Drum pedal. It is a powerful pedal that offers roller clamp features with powerful shifter longboards. Also, interchangeable cams offer you the power and a smooth feel during play.

Frequently asked questions

Can one adjust the drum beaters?

The setting of the Pearl Bass Drum beaters is that they stay in their set position. Whether it is moving them close or far from each other, any adjustment might compromise their performance.

Is there a left-footed drum pedal?

The good thing about the Pearl bass Drum P932 pedal is that you can customize it to fit a left-footed person. The design of the drum pedal is almost the same as the demon drive drum pedal.

Does the Pearl bass Drum pedal come with a toe stopper?

Unfortunately, the drum pedal does not come with the toe stopper on purchase. But if you would love it installed, then you can buy one for yourself.


The smooth playing of a drum requires one to have a robust and quality drum pedal. Pedals should offer speed, power, and efficiency during play. Moreover, consider a drum pedal that offers all the above without spending twice the money in your budget.

For beginners, the pearl P932 is one of the best drum pedals. Its single-chain ensures that your right leg is comfortable as your drum.

Again, this is the best drum pedal if you are looking for a sturdy and reliable drum kit. It will allow you to choose the amount of tension you want.

If you are looking for a tool to help you practice effectively, consider the five starts Pearl bass drum P932 pedal.

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