Alesis Strike MultiPad Review

Alesis Strike Multipad is an electronic drum pad that’s not like any other. Besides its obvious high-quality build, Alesis Strike Multipad is also versatile. It also works as a sampler and looper, giving you a vibrant sound that will transform your music production career.

It gives you excellent percussive power in a single device without sacrificing impressive performance since it remains easy to play. You can also edit your samples and loops if you invest in this musical device.

It performs better and faster than competing models and is an ideal musical instrument addition in any studio. If you’re looking to make music on the go, this strike multiped by Alesis might be the electronic drum pad to choose, especially with its portable design. Read on for more information on the instrument!

Alesis Strike Multipad

Percussion Pad

Alesis Strike Multipad | 9-Trigger Percussion Pad with RGB Backlighting, Sampler, Looper, On-Board 2-In/2-Out Soundcard, Sample loading via USB Thumb Drives and Radiant 4.3-Inch Display

Things we liked

32GB of internal storage
4.3-inch color screen
9 velocity-sensitive pads
High-quality chassis build
Many connectivity ports
Ultra-portable design
7,000+ built-in samples and loops

Things we didn’t like

The interface is complicated for some users
The start is a bit slow

The Strike Multipad Review

This strike multipad is a genius creation with over 7,000 built-in sounds for music producers. You can also make your sounds from the 9 velocity-sensitive pads that it features. The pads also have RGB backlighting, and you can also customize them to produce various sounds.

Alesis Strike Multipad play with drumstick


Internal space is also available in this device. The 32GB of storage allows you to store samples you’ve recorded from various devices such as smartphones and microphones. You also get a 4 3-inch LCD screen that displays the current program of this musical device.

You can edit samples and loops with this device, making it one of the most versatile musical instruments in any studio. Its percussive power is unmatched to improve its performance. Besides, it is ultra-portable to help you carry it wherever you go.

Who is this product for?

This is a strike multi-pad that drummers will find very useful. The program selectors and encoders come in handy if you’re looking to choose between some of the built-in sounds in the musical device.

Besides, it also has a 4.3-inch screen for displaying what each selector and encoder does. The pad performance is exceptional since the nine velocity-sensitive pads respond to the force of your strike. The RGB backlighting gives visual feedback every time you strike a pad.

Once you’ve made your beat, you can load it to another device via a computer USB. It’s a magical instrument with plenty of features to offer. Drummers and music producers can take full advantage of the exceptional performance from the strike multi-pad.

What is inside the box?

  • AC adapter
  • User Manual
  • Alesis Strike Multipad
  • Two drumsticks

Key Features of the Alesis Strike Multipad

Build Quality

Each percussion pad is high-quality and has a great feel, thanks to the rubber material. The 4 3—inch LCD screen has a high resolution for displaying the strike multiped device’s current program. But that’s not all it features in the build!

The chassis is also sturdy, which is reasonable if you’re looking for a durable music-making machine. Therefore, this device holds well when it comes to impressive performance and durability.


This device comes with 8,000 samples and sounds pre-installed in it. The sounds in this multipad instrument occupy 6GB. Therefore, this multipad has storage with over 6Gb of content, including drum and percussion sounds for making beats.

With many sounds and samples to choose from, Alesis allows you to sample anything you want! Therefore, Alesis helps creative drummers and music producers make new sounds that will revolutionize the music industry.

You also get melodic sounds from various instruments to help you make the most out of the percussion pad. You never miss a beat since the strike multipad machine has what it takes to make quality beats. Its impressive performance makes it an excellent addition to any music studio.


You can achieve endless possibilities with the 5 built-in effects from this strike multipad device. This strike multipad also helps drummers to freely map two Alesis control knobs for controlling more sound effects.

This strike multipad has more content, including loops drums for a robust sound performance. The 5 built-in effects processors, 3 kit effects, enhance the device’s performance, making it one of the best strike multipad devices for music producers who loved to add drum sounds to their beats. You can achieve more effects on the device, thanks to the percussion plus melodic instruments sound.


This strike multipad has rotary knobs and buttons for selecting the effect you’re planning to use. The selectors and encoders are easy to use, especially with the high-resolution color screen on the interface.

The A-link controls on the strike multipad achieve excellent effects and mixing controls for enhanced beat performance. You can map two rotary knobs to dozens of effects if you’re looking to achieve incredible sounds for your beat-making career.

You also get 3 kit effects, 1 master effect compressor, and controls for a dual-zone musical instrument setup. The controls are easy to use since this strike multipad features a reasonably-sized LCD screen that displays the current program.

Impressive Design

Each pad is very responsive and has a great feel, thanks to the soft rubber material. Also, each pad features customizable RGB lights for an impressive visual response.

You can customize one pad to produce multiple sounds, including hi-hat sounds.

The sensitive pads with customizable RGB lights are durable and will retain their impressive feel for years to come.

As such, this is a very durable beat-making machine for drummers and music producers.

Alesis Pad impresive Design

The design also lets you have impressive control of your sound. The effect compressor and equalizer controls are the buttons and knobs to keep an eye on if you’re looking to tweak a beat until it appeals to the audience.

What’s more, this drum pad machine meets the industry’s Avid Pro Tools standard with its impressive digital audio workstation design. Besides, it includes a premium software suite. The drum pad has some of the industry’s leading software editions for editing musical beats. Ableton Live Lite and Avid Pro Tools software make the pad to exhibit excellent performance.

Whether you’re looking to edit loops, drums, and melodic sounds, this pad has you covered! Use the Ableton Live software to create new sounds after taking advantage of the three trigger inputs on the pad. With the Pro Tools, first Alesis edition to include software suit for producers is a genius creation that revolutionizes music production by tapping into producer’s creativity.

Excellent Percussion Pad Performance


The performance from this strike multipad is exceptional. The strike multipad can perform as a looper, with its built-in audio looper. It also offers a loop-based recording function, but you can also loop audio from an external audio device such as a smartphone.

You may also loop audios from laptops via USB cables. A USB drive can also do some trick if you’re looking to load some audio files into this strike multipad machine. The built-in looper works exceptionally well, making this machine very versatile.

Built-in Sampler

The built-in sampler also comes in handy when looking to sample instruments for any style. The sampler lets producers record samples from an external audio input such as a mic and smartphone.

It really gives music producers more samples to work with, especially with the pre-loaded samples. You can load wav files to the strike multipad machine.

Music Editor

The 4.3-inch color screen comes in handy if you’re looking to edit built-in samples. the screen allows you to see the edits in real-time as you make them.

Also, the machine has A-link controls for tweaking beats and samples.

Alesis Pad connection with computer


This is also a USB audio and MIDI pad since it has a USB port for importing your favorite samples for editing. It has 2 input/2 output USB audio interface for importing and exporting the samples to a computer for further musical beat edits.

With an audio and midi interface, you can be sure to make beat production a complete breeze!

The device is also compatible with other setups. You can conveniently use this machine with a Strike Pro setup in your studio. This makes it very compatible and versatile.

Not so many musical instruments rival this machine. Therefore, it remains a top-notch musical instrument for drummers and music producers alike.

Inputs and Outputs

With plenty of audio inputs and external audio outputs, you can be sure to have impressive connectivity with your existing setup.

This pad has a MIDI In/Out, USB memory, and USB MIDI / Audio ports. But that’s not all!

Alesis Strike Multipad  Inputs and Outputs


The two headphone output ensures you can listen to quality beats from the headphones. The headphone output also comes in handy if you want to connect the machine to an external speaker. There are also three trigger input systems for connecting the machine to an already existing setup. The additional trigger inputs are ideal for achieving excellent sounds such as hi-hat sounds. You also get impressive performance from the machine’s hi-hat pedal inputs.

The record input helps you record samples and export them to an external device. Get impressive sound performance after connecting this machine to a speaker using the AUX input. It’s clear that this machine exhibits impressive performance, especially with the input and outputs that include the hi-hat pedal input/output.

Alternatives to this Strike Multipad

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Downsides of this Strike Multipad


Even with an incredible build and design, there are a few things that could make this machine the top of the world. Some users feel that the input that triggers a hi-hat sound doesn’t perform at its best. A few users also feel the editing function is a bit limiting, saying that the manufacturer could improve the two Alesis “A-LINK” rotary knobs for better functionality.

Looping and sampling is an essential part of beat-making. Some users feel the machine could hold more preset kits in its ample storage. But many users commend the machine for its high-quality sounds and effects in the preset kits.


If you’re a drummer, this instrument might be an ideal choice in your career. It features some of the greatest sounds in its design. Among the sounds are loops, drums, and percussion, plus melodic effects for enhancing your beat-making skills.

It is very portable, and this is essential for drummers who are always on the go. With excellent controls, you can have realistic drumming sounds, especially with the 2 dual foot controls that the machine features. You can sample, loop, and edit the melodies if you ave this machine.

Therefore, it is very versatile and works exceptionally well to hone a producer’s beat-making skills. If you’re looking for an instrument that hones your drumming skill, consider investing in this Alesis Strike Multipad.

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