Alesis DM6 Review 2021(Read This Before You Buy)

The market of electronic drums is currently flooded with many different electronic drum sets. As such, as a drummer, you may find yourself in a dilemma on which kit would best suit you.

However, it is crucial to know the different brands available and their products. The Alesis brand has been around for a long time now. It is among the well-known giants in the field of electronic kits.




Things we liked

It is among the cheapest drum sets in the market
It accommodates double bass pedal
You can use it with various input devises
It comes in a pretty solid construction

Things we didn’t like

It does not have chokable cymbals
It has a limited sound range
It does not have some advanced features
It does not have a learning mode

Their product, Alesis DM6, is among their most popular drum sets in the market. If you are looking for an electronic kit that is quality and pocket-friendly, this may be your choice.

Alesis dm6 is a high-class electronic drum set that has been in the market for a while now. It has become very favorable among drummers because it offers you much for less. You can, therefore, enjoy your drumming experience at a low cost.

Apart from being very affordable, Alesis dm 6 comes with very amazing features. Its performance is quite high compared to other competitors at the same level. 

Dm6 is a very-easy-to-play drum and comes with a perfect configuration. It also comes in dimensions that ideal for a good drum set.

For that reason, this electronic drum set is very versatile, and you can easily use it to practice your drumming skills. Moreover, it is a great drum set if you want to record your drum tracks.

Alesis dm6 drum set review

Alesis dm6 is one of the Alesis brand electronic drum kits. Alesis is famous for the manufacture of top-notch electronic drum sets.

Alesis dm6 is an essential drum set when it comes to drum track rehearsals and drum practices.  It is also ideal for recording and editing your tracks.

It comes with eight drum parts that combine to make it one of the best drum sets.

Who is this kit best suited for?

Alesis dm6 kit is suitable for entry-level players, juniors and intermediate drummers. If you are a beginner who is looking for an affordable kit, dm6 could be your choice.

However, its sound range is quite limited. It also does not have advanced features. For these reasons, I may not recommend it to professional drummers and experts. It does not give the quality of performance that a professional drummer may want.

What is in the box?

When you buy this electronic drum set, you expect to get:

·        Eight drum pads

·        One kick pad

·        Three tom pads

·        One dual-zone snare pad

·        Three cymbal pads

·        A pair of drumsticks

·        One bass drum pedal

·        A drum key

·        An easy-to-assemble stand

·        A 110V AC adapter

They only other accessories that you may have to buy separately are the throne and the headphones.

Features of this set

Alesis dm6 comes with a wide range of features that make it among the best electronic drums. The features are vital in enhancing the kit’s overall performance. Here are some of the features.

The Design and Build

The Alesis DM6 comes as a 5- piece set that has cymbal pads. It also comes in a very stylish design featuring a five-piece arrangement.

The make if this kit is that it is solid and stable; thus can last for long. It also a very light set that is easy to transport. It has a relatively thick frame tubing. Moreover, its clamps are strong enough to hold the kit pieces into position.

The Drum Triggers

Alesis dm6 has rubber-headed drum triggers. Except for the dual-zone snare drums, all the rest come in a shell molded plastic design.

The dual-zone snare allows you to perform a double trigger on it. Its playing surface has a plastic shell mounting instead of a rubber head.

The main reason for this type of mounting is that it allows the triggering of a different voice on the rim. It is also to ensure the production of appropriate-sounding rim shots.

For the ride and crash cymbal, this kit comes with a trigger feature. It also comes with a foot drum pedal-controlled hi-hat trigger. The trigger for the kick drum is upright to allow for smooth standard operation.

The Sound Module

The sound module of DM6 is among the easiest to operate. For instance, you need not wonder how the control button works since it is appropriately tagged.

DM6 sound module

Its instructions are straightforward. In case you are stuck, you can always refer to them.

The DM6 kit’s sound module has 15 easy-to-program drum sets. They include five user slots and ten preset kits.

It also comes with 108 unique percussion sounds. As such, experienced, practicing, and professional drummers will find this kit ideal for them.

Moreover, the kit comes with an onboard metronome that has 40 built-in play along patterns. The patterns make the playing of the kit more enjoyable.

Standard 0.25-inch jacks connect the Alesis drum pads come together to form a loom. As such, you will not have many cables and jacks to deal with.

The sound module also has output ports such as a headphone line out and a stereo lineout. While using the kit, you can also introduce external audio through the mix input port.

Moreover, the dm6 set comes with a USB-MIDI connection. Consequently, you can use it with devices such as DAWs, iPads, and computers by use if the Apple USB Adaptor.

However, you may require buying a cable to make this connection. But this should not be a big challenge since the sound module is compatible with any computer.

This connection also allows you to tune your drums to give a sound like that of acoustic drums. Besides, you can also transform it into another musical instrument, such as a keyboard.

The computer software will also allow you to record your kit arrangements.

The Drums

Alesis dm6 comes in a package of eight drum pads, plus a bass drum. Also included is a bass drum pedal as well as a pair of low budget sticks.

Alesis drums options

The drum pad is standard and is likely to meet all your drumming needs. However, the drumsticks may not be very reliable. Consequently, you may require buying your sticks to avoid disappointments.

Included in the package is also an AC adapter as well as a rack for the drums. The aluminium rack is quite light, and you can easily carry it around.

The dm6 cymbals give you a natural, player-friendly piece with each strike that you make. They produce pleasant and realistic vibrations when in the playing mode.

If you are a beginner drummer, listening to acoustic drums may cause you some confusion. Some e-drums tend to sound very artificial; hence, the need to use electronic drum kit Alesis, which produces a realistic feel.

This kit does not come with a pair of headphones. However, you will need them if you intend to practice silently. They will be instrumental, especially if you live in an apartment.

Ease of use

The Alesis dm6 is easy to use since it comes with a very user-friendly module. Because of this feature, you will be at home with this kit even if you are a beginner.

All its components and controls have clear labeling. As such, controlling and adjusting parameters such as volume is easy to do. Moreover, with a press of a button, you can also adjust each Alesis drum pad sound.

The dm6 voices include a wide range of percussion sounds such as cymbal, kick, and tom pads. They also include snare sounds of cowbells, congas, and timbales, among many others. Other than those, dm6 also comes with DJ sounds and sound effects.

The ten preset kits are also quite amazing. They include Rock, Jazz, pop, and DJ, among others. With all these features, Alesis dm6 is among the easiest kits you will find in the market.

Alternatives to the Alesis dm6

If you feel that Alesis dm6 may not be your ideal drumkit, you can also consider other alternatives.

One option that you could consider is the Yamaha DTX562K. It slightly advanced, and the price might be somewhat higher than dm6.

Another alternative would be the Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh. It is an upgraded version of the Alesis dm6. It is more advanced, comes with both extra features and additional sounds. However, if you are a beginner, it may not be the best drum kit for you.

The major downsides of dm6.


Although Alesis dm6 is quite easy to operate, its sounds may not be among the best. Moreover, its cymbals are not choked able. That means once you hit them, you may have to stop them yourself from ringing. 

Choke able cymbals are good in that after a reasonable time, they usually go quiet.

Another setback with this drum kit is the lack of muting features on the hi-hat. You cannot open or close it halfway; you just have to do it fully.


What makes dm6 so special?

The answer is simple; it comes from a very trusted brand that has a fame for producing quality electronic drum kits. Secondly, the number of drums and their arrangement is ideal for both beginners and pros.

Does Alesis dm6 come with a manual?

Yes, this drum kit comes with an easy-to-follow manual. Using the step-by-step guide, you can easily set up the set.


You can download the manual here.

How do I connect Alesis dm6 to a PC?

The process is similar to connecting it to an iPhone or smartphone. All you need to do is use the provided cable to link the drum module to your PC.


In conclusion, the Alesis dm6 is definitely worth buying. It comes with great features for both beginner and intermediate drummers.

Moreover, it comes at a very affordable price. compared to other similar models in the market. As such, you can enjoy great drumming at a relatively low price.