10 Best Soundproof Curtains for Your Sanity(Buying Guide)

The best soundproof curtains come in handy if you want to stop the outdoor noise from penetrating into your room. There are plenty of reasons why you might want your room to stay noise-free.

Maybe you want to have a peaceful night’s sleep. Or maybe you’re looking to enjoy your favourite movie. Either way,  soundproof curtains will help. But finding excellent soundproof curtains might be challenging with so many of them on the market.

This article reviews some incredible curtains that might give you the result you need. The article also looks at some factors to consider when shopping for soundproof curtains. So, be sure to read on for more information!

Comparison Chart For 3 Best Soundproof Curtains

1. RYB HOME Soundproof Divider Curtains 1. RYB HOME Soundproof Divider Curtains
  • Fabric.
  • 16.5 x 14 x 6 inches
  • 3-layer design.
NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels 2. NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels
  • 84 x 52 x 0.2 inches.
  • Fabric.
  • 99% light-blocking.
Yakamok 100% Blackout Curtains 3. Yakamok 100% Blackout Curtains
  • 14.1 x 10.6 x 3.9 inches.
  • 100% Polyester.
  • Machine washable and hand washable.

Best Soundproof Curtains Reviews


1. RYB HOME Soundproof Divider Curtains


Things we liked

Easy machine washing
Excellent noise reduction
Blocks UV rays
Impressive thermal insulation

Things we didn’t like

Doesn’t block low-frequency noise
The felt fabric lining isn’t machine washable

These divider curtains boast a triple weave technology material that makes them one of the best sound-canceling curtains on the market. The three-layer fabric comprises a layer of room darkening fabric, a layer of blackout fabric, and a detachable felt fabric in the middle of the two fabrics already mentioned.

What’s more, this curtain brand block UV rays and provides a darkroom experience. They also balance the room temperature with the outside temperature for a conducive atmosphere, thanks to the impressive thermal insulation.

The detachable felt fabric liner between the darkening and blackout fabrics excellently absorbs outside noise. As such, they offer the best soundproof against noises from birdcall, tree rustling, and background noise, to mention a few.

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2. NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels


Things we liked

Blocks 99% of UV rays
Polyester material absorbs high-frequency outside noise
Covers larger windows
They are machine washable
Curtains protect your privacy

Things we didn’t like

They don’t offer the best thermal insulation
They don’t block low-frequency sounds

Nicetown blackout curtains are 100% polyester. This material is high-quality and makes them durable. The polyester material absorbs noise from the outside environment, making these soundproof curtains have an impressive noise reduction function.

The material absorbs high-frequency noise from birdcalls, car honks, and whistles. The super-heavy and soft polyester material also make these blackout curtains have impressive thermal insulation.

Since they block up to 99% of the sunlight, it protects you from the harmful UV rays. As such, these curtains offer more than soundproofing performance. They are the best soundproof curtains if your window measures 84 × 52 inches in dimension.

They are also efficient when it comes to privacy. No prying eyes will have a glimpse of your cozy home!

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3. Yakamok 100% Blackout Curtains


Things we liked

100% UV-absorption function
2-layered for impressive performance
Grommets for easier installation
High-quality polyester material
Easy cleaning by a washing machine

Things we didn’t like

Poor customer service
Not the best heat insulation

This product comes with two curtain panels, each having eight grommets. As such, they are easy to install. The curtains are made of 100% polyester, which makes them durable. The curtains’ fabric has two layers that excellently absorb outdoor noise.

Therefore, the amount of noise absorption by a Yakamok curtain is twice as good as a 1-layered curtain. The curtains are also blackout lined to block 100% of the sunlight and UV rays.

The sewing patterns on the blackout lining behind the curtain panels also make sure outside heat doesn’t affect your room temperature. The triple weave blackout fabric gives the users an excellent room blackout experience, ideal for cinema watching. If you’re looking to cover an 84 × 52 inches wide window, then these soundproof curtains will help you.

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4. H. VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio Curtains


Things we liked

Comes in a variety of colors
16 grommets for use with curtain rods
Triple woven polyester absorbs noise
8-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee
Blocks 99% of UV
Curtains are machine washable

Things we didn’t like

The white color doesn’t sufficiently black out a room
Wrinkles might be hard to straighten

The h versailtex premium blackout curtains have a plum purple color that makes them a true beauty. Besides aesthetics, the h versailtex curtains are also high-quality since they comprise 100% polyester. But it’s the triple weave microfiber polyester design that makes them perform in sound absorption.

The sound blocking function is incredible since the single panel curtain cancels any high-frequency sound that might disturb your peace. As such, this curtain is best for combating unwanted noise.

You can also expect your curtain to the sunlight, giving you an impressive blackout experience for total privacy. This makes the curtain efficient in noise and light reduction in a room.

The 16 metal grommets on the top side of the curtain panels make installation a total breeze. The 108 × 100 inches dimension ensures you can cover wider doors and windows to reduce the noise.

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5. MIUCO Room Darkening Curtains


Things we liked

They’re soundproof curtains
Excellent sunlight control
The curtains are machine washable
Insulates the room against heat
The two curtains have grommets

Things we didn’t like

Might be harder to de-wrinkle
The silver colour doesn’t block out all the sunlight

If you’re looking for soundproofing curtains, then these polyester-made curtains might help a great deal. The densely triple-weave polyester blend will make sure the curtains filter 60% of the outside noise.

As such, these are yet another excellent noise reducing curtains. The curtains are ideal for kids’ bedrooms since kids need a quiet sleeping experience. Adults too could use some of the noise reduction function of these curtains.

These aren’t just sound-absorbing curtains. They are also blackout curtains since the triple woven polyester blend blocks up to 98% of the sun’s rays. As such, shift workers and sleepers can have a peaceful sleep without blinding lights.

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6. Deconovo Room Blackout Noise Reducing Curtains


Things we liked

The noise-canceling curtains are durable
Curtains guarantee Energy-efficient performance
Blocks 98% of the outdoor lights
Eco-friendly material
Available in an array of colors

Things we didn’t like

Removing wrinkles is harder
They restrict breathability a bit

Deconovo blackout curtains have a triple woven polyester as their material. This polyester construction makes this product a blackout curtain since it blocks up to 98% of the natural light.

The polyester construction design works to make the curtains absorb outdoor sounds. Therefore, these curtains reduce outside noise. These are also durable noise reducing curtains since their grommets are anti-rust.

The polyester blend material is thermally insulated to allow the curtains to balance outdoor and indoor temperature. Your room will not lose much heat even in winter, making your HVAC system have an energy-saving performance. As such, this is a cost-effective curtain set.

If you live in a busy home, you might appreciate the hassle-free cleaning of the curtains. Use a washing machine to clean the curtain, and you’ll be all set!

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7. LORDTEX Blackout Curtains for Bedroom


Things we liked

High-quality sound-absorbing curtains
Best for bedrooms
Thermal insulated blackout curtains
Easy to clean with a machine
Grommets for use with curtain rods
1-year quality warranty

Things we didn’t like

Poor customer support
Some color options don’t blackout a room

These soundproof curtains boast a high-quality fabric – 100% polyester material. What’s more, the layers of fabric block any light from the outside of the room. As such, these are curtains. But they don’t cover larger areas since each panel only measures 63 × 42 inches.

They’re great curtains for bedroom windows. But smaller living room windows can also benefit from these sound deadening curtains. These premium-quality polyester velvet curtains absorboutdoor sounds, thus guaranteeing a sound-absorbing function.

Any high-frequency sound doesn’t penetrate the curtains. Therefore, these are curtains that you could use on your bedroom windows when you need a peaceful night’s sleep. They are the best noise reducing curtains if you’re windows is a bit smaller.

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8. BGment 100% Soundproof Curtains


Things we liked

Highly-durable sound deadening curtains
90% high-frequency noise cancellation
impressive UV light blocking function
Triple woven fabric for sound dampening
Thermal insulated fabric

Things we didn’t like

Bleach damages the panels
Only ideal for living rooms

These noise blocking curtains boast a high-quality imported fabric that makes them durable and have one of the best performances in reducing outdoor noise. As such, they’re excellent sound hindering curtains.

They not only reduce noise but also have an excellent light-blocking ability. If you opt for this product, you don’t get a single curtain panel as with other curtain models.

Instead, you receive two panels, each having eight silver grommets for easier installation. The curtains work to absorb all high-frequency sounds such as bird calls, car honks, and neighborhood noise, thus providing one of the best sound reduction functions.

The two soundproofing curtains have a triple woven fabric that insulates your room from heat loss. As such, they’re ideal for use in winter when you need every bit of heat.

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9. HLC.ME 100% Noise-reducing curtains Curtains


Things we liked

They excellently reduce noise
The metal grommets are durable
They block UV light from the sun
Easy cleaning with a machine
Backed by a money-back guarantee
Soundproof performance

Things we didn’t like

They don’t include a curtain rod
Low-frequency sound still penetrates

These acoustic curtains come as two panels. Each panel measures 96 × 52 inches. As such, they excellently cover larger windows, especially the living room ones. What’s impressive about the curtains is their 2-layered fabric.

This design makes the curtains have a sound deadening function. Any high-frequency sound such as car honks, conversations, and whistles don’t make it past the curtains.

If you’re looking for a soundproof curtain that comes in an array of color options, then consider buying these soundproof curtains.

Each soundproof curtain panel comes with eight grommets that wrap around rods for effortless installation. The soundproof curtains really block natural light to darken your room.

Therefore, you can watch a movie without any distracting glare. Thanks to the noise cancellation function, no high-frequency sound will drown your favourite music.

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10. DWCN Blackout Curtains


Things we liked

The acoustic curtains absorb any sound
Curtains are compatible with a rod pocket
Blocks all UV lights
Available in multiple colors
Easy cleanup with a washing machine
They prevent heat loss

Things we didn’t like

Wrinkles are harder to remove
30% of the noise still penetrates

These soundproof curtains come in a wide array of color options. Choosing a color that blends with your home décor is never a challenge here. Besides plenty of options as far as colors go, you get impressive soundproof performance.

These soundproof curtains work to drain any high-frequency sound. But a low-frequency sound still penetrates. The soft and heavy-duty polyester material also absorbs outdoor light to darken your room.

Unlike other curtains that include only a single panel, this one comes with two curtains. Each panel has eight durable grommets for use with a curtain rod.

The polyester weaving pattern ensures no light penetrates the curtains. As such, these curtains are great for cinema rooms. They are decent rod pocket curtains for an excellent soundproof performance.

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Buying Guide for Best Soundproof Curtains

The Material

The material of use on a sound-dampening curtain determines its performance and durability. Therefore, be sure to always go for high-quality products. Polyester-made curtains perform incredibly well to absorb high-frequency sounds such as car honks, bird calls, and tree rustling.

As such, it is a great material to choose from if you want the best noise reduction. Materials such as suede and velvets also reduce sounds impressively well. Polyester-made curtains are also durable. Be sure to buy a polyester-made curtain for impressive performance and durability.

Thickness, Density, and Weight

The thickness of the curtain’s material determines its sunlight-blocking performance. Since your aim is also to reduce sunlight penetrating into your room, be sure to check the curtains’ thickness. Thicker curtains block sunrays better.

Density, on the other hand, determines noise-absorption performance. Double-layered curtains are denser and reduce noise better. Therefore, be sure to buy double-layered or triple-layered curtains with three pass microfiber.

With more weight comes better sound absorption. As such, choose weighty curtains for better sound absorption.

Ease of Installation

Curtain rods will come in handy to make the installation easier. But your curtain panel should have grommets for you to use the rods. As such, be sure to buy a curtain with grommets. They are easier to install. You can also slide them along the rods to block the rays and noise with little effort.

The Curtain Size

Size is a factor that you can’t afford to downplay. You will first need to take measurements of your windows or doorways. Once you’ve put that in your rearview, you will proceed to buy curtains that can cover the entire area of your window. As a result, you will have excellent window treatment.

The Warranty

The warranty protects your curtains from defects due to the manufacturer’s error. Since you want your protection to last for an extended period, be sure to buy products with longer warranty periods. You can find some curtains with a 1-year warranty.

Be sure to buy products with a money-back guarantee. You will get a refund if you are dissatisfied with the quality if you opt for a curtain with a money-back warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do noise blocking curtains really work?

Yes,. Your soundproof curtain blocks the noise from the outdoor space. However, it may not block all the noise since low-frequency sounds are too loud and will penetrate and enter the room. High-frequency sounds will not enter your room and disturb your peace.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eTherefore, a soundproof curtain only blocks high-frequency sounds such as bird calls, tree rustling, and car honks.

What are the best sound blocking curtains?

Curtains made of polyester might be the best sound cancelling. It has a triple woven fabric that absorbs high-frequency noise and excellently blocks the natural light. But other materials such as suede and velvet are also exceptional.

How do you wash a sound-dampening curtain?

A polyester-made curtain is easy to clean using a washing machine. You could also wash it by hand. But a washing machine will make the cleaning a no brainer.

How can I soundproof my curtains?

You can achieve this by adding a cotton-batting layer. You can also buy a thick and dark fabric to put on the outside.

Do blackout curtains block out noise?

Yes they do. They feature super-heavy and soft polyester material that give them impressive thermal insulation.

How can I understand how a sound-reducing curtain works?

There are plenty of YouTube videos that demonstrate how a sound-reducing curtain work. Be sure to look for similar videos for more insight. Once you have some knowledge, you can try to make your living space soundproof and see how it goes.

What is the best size for a noise-cancellation curtain?

It depends on the window size you are looking to treat. if you have smaller windows, be sure to look for smaller panels that block all the noise from the outdoor space. you will also do the same for larger windows. The best size is one that allows the curtain to cover the entire window opening.


With a buyer’s guide, you stand a chance of getting the best soundproof curtains on the market. This article has reviewed incredible curtains that might block all the noise that disrupt your peace. The curtains on the list boast a high-quality polyester material and are very durable.

Some have a double-layer design for impressive noise cancellation and sunlight blocking performance. If you’re looking to transform your room into a cinema, a soundproof curtain will be a great start. Besides, such curtains reduce the light to the ambience that supports film watching. Be sure to invest in nothing but the best curtains.

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