Somewhere in the Music

This video was created as a strange sort of surprise Christmas gift for the band back in 2013. I wrote the narration as part of a creative nonfiction workshop for my MFA program and then worked with my sister, Caitlyn, on turning that writing into a video. What we ended up with was, “Somewhere in the Music.” Caitlyn and I kept the video essay a secret for a little while, showing it for the first time at our first ever band Christmas party (which has now become a serious tradition).

That was just months after the release of Young – the band’s debut album. Young had done well so we were all really excited and very optimistic about the future. Looking back now I realize how little we understood about the process of “making it” as a band. I guess we knew enough to keep moving though because we’ve come a long way in the last few years and we are still excited and optimistic about the future. That isn’t to say that I feel like we’ve “made it” because we still have a long way to go. And truthfully I still have a lot more questions than answers.

I doubt that will ever change and I’m okay with that. I think if I were ever to get to a point that I felt like I had it all figured out then all the life/energy would go out of it and I’d probably start looking for other ways to spend my time. The last thing I’ll mention is that after re-watching this for the first time in years I am reminded, and still blown away, by how many people jumped in and helped the ball get rolling for The National Parks. Not all of the people mentioned in this video are still involved and not everyone that helped is mentioned by name. But they made all the difference and still do.

-Jake, manager